Come out and be a guest on Them-Us

No matter who you are you have experience and an opinion about relationships and we would like to hear what you think. The Them-Us Talk Show is about bringing men and women together and getting beyond the surface and having a real, honest open discussion about relationships. The goal is to provide people information to maintain and build healthy relationships. Them-Us is truly Real Relationship Talk Like You Never Heard, always entertaining and definitely informative come and join in on the fun.


Them-Us is recorded in Tampa Florida unless we are on the road.

Them-Us on the road

Don't worry, if you don't live in Tampa you can still be apart of; when we take to the road on tours and live events. Make sure you sign up to be a guest even if you live out of town so we can notify you when we're in your area. Make sure you also check out the events schedule.