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Another Lanier Interactive creation The new Them-Us.com is a hub of information, tools, resources and entertainment to help build and maintain strong healthy relationships. The goal is to start a real dialog about relationships with men and women that go deeper than surface topics. The major parts of the site consists of the Them-Us talk show, Street Talk interviews, Pro-corner, and Them-Us Live. The Pro-corner consists of interviews and articles from industry professionals in the areas of relationships, marriage and dating. These professionals provide key insight into various relationship topics. The Them-Us show consists of a panel of men and women that discuss their opinions, views and experiences with various relationship topics. Street Talk takes Them-Us.com out to various venues and events to get the word on the street from all types of people. Them-Us Live takes Them-Us.com on the road to host various relationship events such as seminars, dating events, social events, fundraisers, and lectures. The site also contains articles, discussions, comic strips and more.

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Daneal Lanier

Daneal Lanier

Born and raised in Cleveland Ohio, I grew up talking to people getting them to converse about their problems and relationships. After high school I joined the US Coast Guard where I continued to engage in conversations about religion, politics, employment and of course relationships. I have always had a knack for talking to people and I really enjoy allowing people the opportunity to vent their problems and concerns. My up bringing in what many would call the bad parts of Cleveland (I never knew it growing up, it was just home) and my travels in Coast Guard have allowed me to experience so many things some good some bad. But I think my experiences allow me to relate to people on numerous levels. I started the show because one of the hardest things we do in life is establish relationships with other people. I enjoy talking to people and everyone has relationship stories be it husband and wife, girlfriend boy friend. Maybe one of our conversations can help someone going through the ups and downs of relationships.

Erik Scott

Co-host from 2005 to Jan 2011. Born and raised in the city of brotherly love, I was exposed to many things life had to offer. I lived in the city but went to middle and high school in a suburban area just outside the Philadelphia city limits. During the day my time was spent with pampered rich kids who’s only concerns were what they were gong to get for Bar mitzvah and Hanukkah. After school I hung out with people who usually ended up creating problems for them selves by the things they chose to get involved with. I’ve seen people from both worlds rise and fall from where they started. Being exposed to those different perspectives, and being part of a close family who did nothing but nurture and support me with an open mind and a loving heart really helped me to learn what is really important. Your decisions carry consequences both negative and positive. The people who you surround yourself with can give you a false sense of what’s important if you are not strong enough to see past what’s directly in front of you. All the people in my life are different with one very important thing in common, they are all genuinely good people.