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We talk to friends and family all the time about relationships but let’s face it there are times when you may want to get a professional opinion. To show you that the process is easy and can help Them-Us.com brings you the Pro Corner. This is where we interview professional Dr’s, psychologist, therapist and counselors about a variety of relationship topics.

We want to make sure the information we provide is researched and comes from qualified and accomplished individuals and companies. The information provided can be in the form of; interviews, videos, audio, contributing articles or speaking at live events. Individuals and companies that provide information and expertise on an ongoing basis are called Impact Partners. Click here for a list of Impact Partners.


Dating anxietyDating anxiety
Sometimes just the mere thought of going on a date can bring on waves of anxiety. I sit down with Dr. Nancy H. Wall of Tampa Bay MatchMakers to talk about dealing with dating anxiety and separating your past from your current date. Watch the interview

Single during the holidaysSingle during the holidays
November through February is a special time of year. This time of year brings mixed feelings for singles. Many singles easily get in the holiday spirit. Some singles are alone and feeling lonely, especially during this time of year. We talk about being single during this time of year with relationship expert Dr. Nancy H Wall of Tampa Bay MatchMakers Watch the interview

Anger in relationshipsAnger in relationships
What is anger? Is it an instant impulse? A rapid reaction to something unwanted? A way at getting what we want? A prelude to rage? I talk with content providers Dr. David L Thomas, Ph.D.,LMHC of the Whitford - Thomas Group and John J Bosworth, M.A., LMHC of the Institute for Advanced Study RTMZ to get a better understanding of anger and how to deal with anger in relationships. Read more

We sit down and talk about forgiveness with counselor, and professor Michael Williams.(View Bio) When we talk about forgiveness what does that really mean and how do we go about that process when we are hurt and angry? This can be a very complicated process that not only involves our current emotional state but things we have learned about forgiveness throughout our lifetime. Read more

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