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With divorce on the rise single mothers and fathers raising families. Domestic violence, homicide related to do domestic violence increasing at an alarming rate. Suicide due to bullying and harassment. We could no longer just sit by and watch its time to get involved and do something about it. We are committed to help couples build and strengthen their relationships and empower people to love themselves inside and out.

To achieve this we have to do more and get the word out. is a hub of information, tools, resources and entertainment to help build and maintain strong healthy relationships. To make a change we have to get more people to listen and interact, we have to extend our reach and offer even more information. What we currently do is a good start but its only the beginning there is so much more we want to accomplish and this is where we need the support of our fans family and friends. We want to host live events that shine a light on things like domestic violence. So we are hosting a Men Against Domestic Violence Conference. We are starting the “Who Am I” college tour. Both of these live events will start off traveling around the state of Florida then going nation wide. We also want to expand our reach
of the talk show by purchasing more equipment some of which will allow us to take phone calls and video chat during the talk show. We will also add more media content to the website. is focused and ready to get out and truly be a resource for couples and individuals.

We have laid the ground work but need your support to take it further. We’re not asking you to break the bank a $3 donation is great if you can give more that’s cool also. The beauty of giving
is knowing that you didn’t just read the headlines but you made a decision to get involved and do something about it. We hope to be in a city near you soon bringing people together through communication love and courage. Empowering people to make good positive relationship choices that build them up. So please get involved and donate, we thank you in advance for helping to support this movement and look forward to seeing you at one of our events or interacting with

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