Fighting apologizing and forgiving

Things men like about womenEvery couple at some point will go through these phases some more than others. First we fight, then we apologize and try to forgive.

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Part 1 Why we fight

Part 1 Why we fight The combining of two lives can lead to amazing happiness, disagreements, apologizes and forgiveness. We discuss the reasons that life causes us to fight.


Part 2 Fighting Tactics

Part 2 Fighting Tactics How you fight makes a big difference in how you make up. Sometime its not what you say its how you say it.

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Part 3 Involving friends and family

Part 3 Involving friends and family We all want comfort when we are hurt or something is bothering us but is involving family the right move in a relationship fight?


Part 4 Just calm down

Part 4 Just calm down Somehow you have to find a way to calm down before the fight escalates to something worse.

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Part 5 Apologizing

Part 5 Apologizing At some point when the smoke clears we have to find a way to apologize.


Part 6 Forgiveness

Part 6 Forgiveness When your hurt and upset how do find the courage to forgive and what does that mean?

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Part 7 Being complete

Part 7 Being complete Being a complete person before a relationship can often make fights easier.


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