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Them-Us.com is all about understanding what people are going through and feeling in their relationships. There is no better way to do this than to get direct input from the people in or out of relationships. So jump in and give us some feedback so we can develop better content to help build and maintain strong healthy relationships.

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Is it wrong to keep your child away from the parent because they don’t pay child support?

Is it wrong to keep your child from the parent if you don’t like the parent?

Do you have to have a man in your life?

Should you try everything your partner wants to do sexually at least once?

Do you tell your partner when your not satisfied sexually?

Is it important to fulfill all your sexual fantasies?

Can you love two people at the same time?

What is love?

How do you feel about Valentine's day?

Valentine's day gift ideas for men.

Valentine's day gift ideas for women.

Valentine's day gifts you don't want to get.

Do you feel sex changes the relationship?

How long do you wait to have sex with a new partner?

Have you ever have sex to try and save the relationship?

How do you feel about the prenup?

Do you still believe in marriage?

What are some of your relationship taboos?

What's off limits after the break up?

I'm not forgiving you why should I?

Would you ever go back to an ex? If yes what would make you do it?

What to do or not do on a date

What do you think of the new Them-Us.com?

What topics would like us to cover on the website?

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